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How to watch English TV abroad without VPN in 2022

It is very frustrating not being able to watch English TV channels abroad, such as BBC and ITV. Whether you are going on vacation to Spain or taking a trip to the United States, English TV is not accessible in most countries. Luckily, there's a simple solution that lets you watch English TV outside the UK.

How to watch English TV abroad without VPN in 2022

The easiest way to watch an English TV channel in France, Spain, USA and all around the world is to use 1FAKT.COM. It is a simple website that makes it possible to watch British TV from abroad without using any VPN.

How to watch TV through 1FAKT.COM

Before you start watching TV please install these Add-ons to block popup ads. Although 1FAKT.COM ask you to allow their ads by not using traditional Adblockers such as Adblocker Plus they never enforce popup ads in their streaming. Pop ups are injected by third parties in their players and 1FAKT.COM uses the players from third parties to offer free TV. But you can block popup ads by installing:

Popup Blocker (strict) for Chrome

Popup Blocker (strict) for Firefox

Poper blocker for Chrome

Poper Blocker for Firefox

SO REMEMBER : Yes Popup Blockers / No Ad Blockers

AFTER INSTALLING POP UP BLOCKERS you can just visit one of their pages based on the name of the TV Channel, push play button and just enjoy British TV for free even abroad.

TV Channel not working? Just click one of their Backup channels offered from 1FAKT.COM! (if popup blockers don't allow you to open backup channels please click the button in the right side of you mouse over the backup button and chose "Open link in new tab".)

To watch some of their TV channels through their backup channels you will need VLC player installed in your device.

You can install VLC player through their official website.

After installing VLC copy their backup links and paste them into VLC Player.

  • Open VLC Player 
  • Click Media at the left upper corner
  • From Media menu click Open Network Stream...
  • Then click Network tab
  • Paste our copied backup streaming url
  • Click play

If you have problems with main streams or backup streams sending an email to will help.

Can I watch English TV without a TV license?

You can, but it depends on the channel or platform. You can only watch English TV on demand (on ITV, NOW TV, Sky Go, All 4, and others) without a TV license, except BBC iPlayer. For the iPlayer, you need a TV license for all its content, including series and movies on demand. However, you cannot access any English TV platforms when traveling outside the UK, even if you have paid for a subscription. This is due to the geo-restrictions they place on their content. To watch your favorite English series on demand from abroad, you will need a VPN that can reliably bypass these geo-restrictions.

On the other hand, if you want to watch or record live content from these English services (on TV or online), or download content from the BBC, you will need to obtain a TV license. Note that the live content is also geo-restricted, so you'll need 1FAKT.COM to access it if you're traveling outside the UK.

On which devices can I unblock English TV platforms?

You can unblock English TV platforms on many different devices and operating systems with 1FAKT.COM . Among them in particular, you can use the most popular PCs (Windows and macOS) and smartphones (iOS and Android). Also, look for native browsers on Smart TVs. With this feature, you can easily watch English TV on devices that do not support VPN apps, such as smart TVs and streaming boxes (such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV), game consoles (PS 4/PS 5, Xbox), and other streaming devices.